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05 August 2008 @ 09:53 pm
Wicked Reviews!  

For whatever reason I love reading reviews :) So here is a compilation of extracts that talk about Alexia.
Feel free to add your own thoughts and comments on her performance. 

I will be updating this post whenever I stumble upon new reviews.

Alexia(Elphaba) = HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. SHE IS WOW. she was so different, she played Elphaba a lot softer. and i liked that. her voice is just amazing and she has such range. HER CHEMESTRY WITH OLLIE WAS JUST WOW. i thought they would end up having sex on stage! she matched him Riff for Riff! Her No good Deed was my highlight tho, I HAVE NEVER HEARD IT SUNG WITH SUCH PASSION, it was stupifying. she is very much a brill Elphie. and so original.

Musical_Girl (Wicked UK Forums) - 23/07/08


Alexia: Her voice I could listen to for ages, and her little add on improvisation was just great... Chemistry wise: Dianne & Alexias chemistry grew as I think It should, and I liked that. Oli & Alexia I felt it was lacking...

Dear Old Shiz: Alexia came out she looked so adorable, I really liked her "beautifully tragic"
Wizard & I: What a voice, her voice flows and is really effortless; I enjoyed her little riffs that she did, "rely". "no" "love" "your verigree" "I know". Then what she does with her feet on "Melt" was beyond hilariously amazing. She riffed "never" beautifully! Her last note was incredible, I loved her last note, it was cut short but the quality made up for the length.
What Is This Feeling: They had really good chemistry. I liked Alexia in this, her innocence worked. Alexia riffed the last "you" and it was INCREDIBLE.
Something Bad: I've never heard anyone say "do you want me to fetch you a glass of water, seriously I can just go get one for you" I liked that. Also her "I should really be going" was so innocent and adorable which worked as her as the student, also her "If something bad is happening..." it really seemed like he was the teacher when she said that, which I've not felt with any of the Elphabas.
Dancing Through Life: Never Avric & Alexia had good chemistry.
Popular: I liked Alexias "Its a bit perky" and "its not going to work" Toss Toss made me laugh far to much, it was the way that Alexia mocked it and what her wig looked like at the end which amused me far to much. It was the way Dianne said Toss Toss the second time and how Alexia mocked it which made me cackle.
I'm Not That Girl: Amazing, beautiful, just wonderful
Defying Gravity: I really liked it; Dianne & Alexia had a good chemistry, The flying part she was fantastic, a few natural little riffs as well.
Wicked Witch Of The East: Alexia made me smile.
As Long As Your Mine: She riffed the last bit for ages it was INCREDIBLE! However there was a big lack of chemistry with Oli & Alexia.
No Good Deed: Wow this girls voice, I really liked it, it was really good, she put her heart into it which was really clear, cut the last note short but riffed it so I was happy.
Finale: You feel really sorry for Elphaba with Alexias portrayal really enjoyed it.
Stage Door: Telling Alexia that we thought she was amazing got her really blushing and she did the most adorable giggle in the world she was just amazing.

Will (Witches of Oz Forums) - 21/07/08


Alexia is real good...

Dear Old Shiz: No enterance applause for Alexia, and I wasnt going to start because I had no idea she was going to be as amazing as she was.
Wizard and I: The moment of truth - will I like Alexia? She began to sing and I thought "Wonderful voice, but too immature (voice) on "Wizard"". "Wizard wisdom" I loved. Nice little riff on "rely", "love". And "acclaimed", Maybe at last", "a girl whos so good inside" were very cute. Loved the face on "Though of course thats not important to me". Voice to immature on "things ive never felt" Growl on "I could melt", "rest of my life". Didnt hold the voice for very long at the end in my opinion and no witch turn. Apart from all the negatives Ive listed, it was an amazing TWAI!
Popular: Dorky Alexia "Well, its a little perky." Which was very individual, no Elphaba Ive seen or heard have done that.
Im Not That Girl: Lovely INTG but she done it with an R'n'B style, which was nice, but not Elphaba-ish. The chemistry between Alexia and Oli is amazing.
Defying Gravity!: You see her face change throughout the whole song. With little snarls here and there.
"Well if thats love" seemed like a small child, and I thought Duffy was on that stage singing at "You cant pull me down" I saw Alexia get into this lift which was nice because she had a lot of time because they rushed the "my freind" bit. And she flew. She looked amazing up in that lift - just how Kerry had a tendancy to make everyone look at her face not at the lift Alexia done it a treat. But i still saw the lift haha. Also she is one of the only elphabas that puts the bag over the lift. Nothing amazing about the singing in particular just that it was really good - I didnt long for CJ, Kerry or Idina to be in that lift so she must've done something right. "No wi.zard.that.there.is.or.was.is ever gonna bring mee down!" she said it very cleverly, which I liked. Nice "ooh-waah-ah-ah-haaa" at the end. Massive applause. Which is a surprise, because not every Defying Gravity gets it haha.
As Long As Your Mine: Oh god, the chemistry between the two of them is so... hot. Best As Long As Your Mine (chemistry-wise) Ive seen ever I think, including Cast Change. Nice nifty riffs here and there from Alexia, but no real rifcigarettee from the Tompsett.
No Good Deed: Alexia does turning from Elphaba to mad woman amazingly in one 4 minute song: Her chanting was very menacing, and she has that ring to her voice thats just un-describable. "No GooD DeeD" she really pronounced her consenants aswell. Saying about her sister, her tutor, then her lover and her facial expressions on that part really is wonderful to watch. "Was I really seeking good?" like a child mimicking her mother/father "or JAST seeking attention" was her shouting at herself as if to say 'look at yourself, Elphaba what are you doing?'. From then on, she gradually went crazier and crazier. And one more thing: MAN, can she work that cape.
For Good: Dianne's and Alexia's chemistry really shows here, it was wonderful. One thing I do have to criticise is Alexia's R'n'B style riffs in this song, which wasnt too great IMO.

Western Sky (Witches of Oz Forums) - 16/07/08


Alexia, ok first time seeing her and I was VERY impressed. She's completely different to Kerry and Idina in every way possible but her voice has a great tone about it, granted its much higher. Her acting choices were sometimes a bit wooden but she was very believable and her and Dianne had great chemisty.
She kept adding subtle little riffs, really not overpowering just nice. Her long notes were a bit short, she finished her final WAI and NGD notes before the music but she worked it.

Citizen of oz (Witches of Oz Forums) - 11/07/08


General Comments

Went to Alexia's first show last night and she was fabulous! Very young however which slightly went against her in Act 2 although I am sure as she settles in the role this will improve!! She has a very powerful Voice and her W&I and DG is fantastic.

Son of a Witch (Witches of Oz Forums)

She is incredible not bad for a first night her DG sent shivers down my spine her NGD was a fantastic attempt she really went for it. Shes Fantastic

helen dallimore... (Witches of Oz Forums)

I thought her Act I was very good - I loved her Wizard and I and I'm Not that Girl...I normally hate the latter so saying it was a highlight says something.
She puts everything into it which was really lovely to see....especially NGD and DG...by the end of DG she seemed out of breath (in a good way) and was very menacing. Diction's amazing and added a few riffs here and there but nothing too crazy.
I really, really loved her. Needs to work on Act II a little but it was her first night...in time she'll be even better.

kittikins (Witches of Oz Forums)

She's so differnt to any other elphaba London has seen before
She has a GORGEOUS tone, so nice to listen too. Her diction is PERFECT. Singing wise i think she's my favourite London Elphaba.
Her i'm not that girl was my favourite i've ever heard out of all Elphabas, simply gorgeous. And loved her Wizard and I was Love.
She didn't riff as such, but added in GORGEOUS grace notes to almost every song. Beautiful.

Elphiyero (Witches of Oz Forums)

And Alexia... I loved her INTG. A LOT. It was beautiful. I loved the way she sang NGD. Not so sure about the acting. I had some issues with DG - not so much when she was flying, but on the ground... She's very much her own Elphaba & I like that, but...I dunno. She's got a great voice & her eyes are incredible, but she acts with her eyes A LOT & that scares me slightly... But I think I liked her. I'm not entirely sure, but yeah... I think so!

nat (Witches of Oz Forums)

I thought No Good Deed was brilliant. I liked Alexia's acting a lot, she's closer to bookverse Elphie in Act 2, which was great. I've been sitting here for a few minutes trying tot hink of our to sum up her characterisation and I'm struggling. I think that's a good thing!! I'll say she definitely played Elphaba beginning to go a little insane, the way it should be!

Cat123 (Witches of Oz Forums)
Jamie: As Long As You're Minemollywobbles31 on August 5th, 2008 10:49 am (UTC)
I saw Wicked for the first time on June 25. I had seen some of her videos on YouTube. I had also read some reviews, good and bad. I was looking forward to seeing her for myself and I wasn't dissapointed. Although, I had never actually saw Wicked in person before, I had watched many videos of the various Elphaba and Glinda actresses. She's one of the best. She plays the role differently from any of the others which is nice that she's trying to make the role her own. I'm sad that she'll only be in the role until November. I hope that she'll be able to portray Elphaba again someday just like other actresses have done (i.e. like Kerry Ellis went to Broadway).
to the lost: ;goodness knowsdaisness on August 14th, 2008 02:01 pm (UTC)
I saw Wicked at the 13th August matinee, and it was wonderful to see the new cast. HEr voice is a powerhouse and she's very able to hold all the notes. I loved her performance, although sometimes her acting is a little batshit here and there, she's definitely an original, and very good elphaba.